Kinesio Taping in Salina, KS

Let our experts apply safe, effective Kinesio tape to your problem muscles. You'll experience the comfort that comes with increased support and reduced pain. Our cutting edge taping practices go far beyond simple wraps and supports you might be already familiar with. Because of how we uniquely place and design of Kinesio tape, you'll receive the proper muscle function and improved circulation. This process is imperative because kinesio tape gently moves key parts of your muscle.
Physiotherapy for shoulder pain - Sports Therapy in Salina, KS

You Can Trust Our Experts

Kinseo tape is carefully chosen by our therapists because of its superior results. The key to the Kinesio difference is how it works – it gently, microscopically lifts muscles. This will help give you pain relief and help guide the motion you need. Kinesio tape is widely used by most prominent medical professionals in sports and chiropractic medicine. This method is even utilized by the training staff of many professional sports teams. Give us a call at 785-825-1285 and see if kinesio taping is right for you!